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Job Workflow Blueprint

Revolutionise the way your firm processes jobs. The Job Workflow Blueprint helps to provide guidance and a helicopter view around the compliance workflow that occurs on a client job from start to finish.

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Expert vs Advisor Mindset Questionnaire 

Test where you sit on the Expert vs Advisor mindset spectrum.

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How client centric is your business?

Being client centric means having an approach to doing business that focuses on creating a positive experience for your clients. Many organisations struggle to get customer centricity right.

The complexities in business can overwhelm many businesses. Some don't have the systems and technology to profile customers and their experiences. Others are missing efficient processes and capabilities to provide a targeted and improved overall experience at every customer touch point.

The most common problem, is a lack of customer centric culture and behaviour within teams.

Take the test and see where you would rate your business. 

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FREE EBOOK: Six Steps to Launch Advisory Like a Pro

One of the best things you can do in your Accounting firm is offer more value to your clients based on what's important to them and solving the problems they face. Download this FREE EBOOK to learn the six steps to launching advisory based on these factors.

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FREE EBOOK: The Secret to Getting Your Advisory Roll Out Perfect First Time

Learn the secrets THEY DON'T TEACH YOU on making the shift from Accountant to successful Business Advisor, including how to overcome some common mindset blocks and beliefs!

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Types of Advisory Sheet 

'The Types of Advisory' graphic outlines the different categories of business advisory.

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Business Advisory Capability Wheel 

The purpose of the Business Advisory Capability Wheel exercise is to gain a clear picture and understanding of where your firm ranks to become an 'advisory' firm. Simply plot your scores out of ten for each of the eight capability elements.

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Right People + Right Seats Exercise

The Right People & Right Seats exercise stems from one of Samantha Dean's keynote presentations.

Download the exercise to work through the skills and attributes required for the various functions within your organisation. The included Skills Matrix will also help you to find your "magic".

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