The Tribe

Samantha Dean
Head honcho • Coffee addict • Horse lover
[email protected]

Samantha is a passionate FCA with over 25 years in Public Practice, the last 10 in the business advisory space. She is well known for her passion in advising business owners to achieve their business goals without compromising their personal ones. As a practitioner, Sam knows firsthand what works and what doesn’t when moving a practice from a traditional based compliance business model to a proactive advisory one.

It is her belief that the industry should dominate the advice space but needs to undergo significant and fast change to do so.  BlueprintHQ has been developed to help practitioners avoid pitfalls and to save considerable time, money and effort to get the right people, product, structure and systems into their practices to accelerate the growth in their businesses to meet the challenges ahead.

While Sam is not trying to drive change in the accounting industry, she enjoys weekends on her family property chasing after her two boys and her husband and as time permits riding and competing her dressage horses.

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Esther Bird BlueprintHQ

Esther Bird
Commercial Manager
Go To Person • Wine lover • Also into coffee
[email protected]u

Esther has joined BlueprintHQ after spending time at Big Four and mid-tier professional services firms across Australia and New Zealand. Most recently, Esther led the operational support function for PwC's Auckland consulting business, focusing on change management and staff development projects. Esther has also had experience working alongside world renowned entrepreneur and... aficionado Sir George Fistonich at Villa Maria Estate in New Zealand. Amongst other positives, Esther's time at the winery helped develop her sophisticated wine palate and provided insight into one of the world's leading wineries.

Esther's experience in the professional services environment provides her with an understanding of how things tick and the challenges and opportunities facing many firms in an evolving industry. Esther prides herself on her ability to build mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues and customers alike, always going above and beyond to ensure things are done correctly and on time. At BlueprintHQ, Esther wears many hats, and will advocate for our customers to ensure you receive the best service and experience.


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David Ross 
Gordon Ramsay • Meets Mother Theresa
[email protected]

David is a Chartered Accountant and Business Coach with over 23 years experience in both Public Practice and coaching SME's. His true passion lies in coaching Australian Business owners (including Accountants) on how to improve their profitability and create a business that works, and ultimately worth more.

His coaching style has been described as “Gordon Ramsay meets Mother Theresa”,... 

...a unique balance of non-sugar coated advice and genuine empathy with business owners.

​David takes the complicated maze of doing business in Australia and introduces clients to practical ideas and the most important factor of all…the implementation.

“I am truly passionate about small business. For half of my life, I have had the pleasure of working with all manner of business owners, from the brilliant to the not so.”

​Over the years, David has built businesses in Accounting, Finance broking, Business Sales as well as his ultimate passion Business Coaching via his company SuperCoach.

Having never been the stereotype "Brown Cardigan" Accountant, the beginnings of SuperCoach started around 1995, and David has been working with businesses now for over two decades, helping increase profitability and cashflow, and working together with owners to achieve solutions to their issues, whether that be creating a valuable business for wealth or retirement or simply getting them on track to create more life, sometimes the most valuable result of all.

“My Why is as simple as one word..ACHIEVE. I work with business people to help them ACHIEVE, whatever that may mean to them.”

​“I am often asked, what makes a great Business Coach. My answer?....A coach who understands how the game is played.

To support the Accounting profession David founded the popular advisory Joint Venture model “SuperFirm”, the Less How, More Do approach to Business Advisory, which has seen him work with firms throughout the Eastern states.

David is now available to work with BlueprintHQ firms, to bring both his wealth of coal face Accounting firm experience as well as significant know-how in how to get real results in advisory for your practice.

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Lynda Steffens
Process expert • Optimist • Wanna be hippy
[email protected]

Lynda Steffens has more than 25 years experience in the professional services industry as an Accountant, Business Advisor, Partner, Practice Manager and Consultant.  Lynda is the Senior Success Strategist at Intuitive Practice, helping brave business owners gain clarity, set goals and take action.  Inquisitive and passionate about people and their uniqueness, she sees no limit to what people with different strengths....

...and perspectives can create together.

An instinctive gatherer of information, a collector of interesting factoids, articles, and insights she always has something practical in her toolbox that helps you make sense of the situation and solve your problem.

Lynda lives and breathes the accounting industry and has developed specialist skills in the Practice Management of accountancy firms.  She is passionate about the industry that has shaped her career and enjoys working with the people in the profession.

Always generous with her knowledge, optimistic and with a contagious energy she is the quintessential success strategist.

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