How to shift from an Expert to an Advisory Mindset in 6 steps (Part 1) – Episode #6 ‘Conversations with Sam Dean’ Podcast

Sam dives deeper still into the mindset shifts that accountants and advisors need to make to have better conversations with clients, build different styles of businesses and meet or even be the disruption in a more agile way going forwards.

Despite talking about the need to move away from compliance focus for decades, the reason the industry hasn't actually done it yet is because we haven't addressed the fundamental need to shift from the mindset we had in the past to the mindset we will need to meet the future that is coming.

By the end of this episode you will have more clarity around the importance of this shift, awareness of the six attributes of the mindset shifts that need to be made, and have some practical tips to integrate these into your day to day work.

This episode follows on from previous episodes about the Advisory Mindset, and the challenges of the difficult conversations we need to have with our clients and with ourselves.

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