Reigniting your passion and becoming redundant in your own business, with Greg Gunther – Episode #8 ‘Conversations with Sam Dean’ Podcast

Sam interviews Greg Gunther, Business Coach and Chief Disruptive Officer at Your Business Momentum.

Greg shares a bit about his background in financial services and how his various experiences in business have led him into the business advisory space. Greg shares why it's important to understand the different skillsets of the practitioner and business owner, and how he helps business owners find the joy and reignite their passion while becoming redundant in their businesses.

He also gives his advice about doing due diligence and getting the right advice in business, and why you shouldn't spend too much on marketing. Sam and Greg discuss the importance of collaboration between business owners and professionals, how technology can help build those collaborative business models.

You can connect with Greg on LinkedIn and Your Business Momentum on Facebook or at

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