Reimagining the Conversations We Have With Ourselves – Episode #5 ‘Conversations with Sam Dean’ Podcast

Sam follows up from the previous episode's focus on difficult conversation by diving into the most hardest conversations any of us have: the conversations we have with ourselves.

In this episode, Sam explains why it's so powerful and important to reimagine these conversations, carve out time and space to really listen to ourselves, as well as some of the reasons accountants, advisors and professional services experts don't do this.

Sam also shares a personal story of how she recently created some space and time to reflect by going to a conference in the US and surrounding herself with successful, collaborative businesswomen. Sam shares the four things she learned from this trip about reimagining conversations.

Finally, Sam covers some tips and tricks to put some time back into your week or month to create the time and space you need to listen to yourself and why it's important not to let this be a 'once done' thing.

The most important person in any conversation you're having is you, and your energy and input is so important. Look after yourself and give

As always, remember to be kind, be brave and keep the conversation going.

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