The Art of Difficult Conversations – Episode #4 ‘Conversations with Sam Dean’ Podcast

Accountants and professionals practicing the art of difficult conversations at work

In this episode, Sam dives deep into the art of having difficult conversations. Beginning with first discussing what conversation is and why it's important, Sam then drills down on two types of conversation that many people find difficult: value conversations and difficult feedback conversations.

There's two main aspects to why accountants find conversation difficult: the mindset piece and the training piece. Sam covers both of these, and shares practical advice on how to build conversation muscles in business and in life.

Sam shares a number of examples and questions you can ask to help when having value conversations with clients, and things to think about before, during and after conversations that giving and receiving feedback.

Finally, Sam emphasises the importance of being kind-to yourself and to the people you are in conversation with-because ultimately that's where the power is.

As always, remember to be kind, be brave and keep the conversation going.

Show notes

The Art of Difficult Conversations Cheatsheet - download the pdf here

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